Inauguration of Ferrochrome factory in Rafsanjan in April 2018



Mr. Karbasian Minister of economic affairs in the session of opening of Rafsanjan ferrochrome 60,000 ton factory declared the performance of special regions in Kerman Province has been successful and these regions have helped the economy by creating value added and by founding Rafsanjan Ferrochrome factory, selling raw materials is prevented and this is very effective. We hope that projects today founded provide the fields of other activities and we hope in future observe complete employment in this region.We see trust of foreign investment which is a correct choice. Our country has rich mines, we have very good facilities and capable human force and after Russia we are the second country that has the most neighbors. It is true that we have many ups and downs but security in all the fields is established.


Dr. Pourebrahimi, representative of Kerman and Ravar people in Islamic Parliament, at this meeting said today we see that in the special economic region great measurements and efforts have been performed with the effort of Eng. Mohammadi Anaraki and we observe wide evolutions in this city and Eng. Ranjbar Managing Director of Middle East International Top Echo Company should be appreciated who is successfully pursuing foreign investment and relying on his personal capability, animosity, sagacity and novation has started measurements in this domain that today foreign direct investor in this region is performing without any bank warranty. This means that the individuals are the warranty for foreign partner and this is a great happening and these individuals should be supported. I also appreciate his partner who is pursuing the stuff.



Eng. Razmhosseini, Kerman Governor, at  this meeting said that we appreciate the Chinese investor who correctly recognized that Iran is a very great market and is holder of a history and culture and Iranians are sincere and valid people.



Eng. Mohammadi Anaraki, representative of Anar & Rafsanjan city while appreciating Eng. Ranjbar said by establishment of ferrochrome project in Rafsanjan today after 60 years we have reached importing chrome. We need banks support and we hope in near future observe exploitation of projects which are today founded.



Eng. Ranjbar, managing director of Middle East Top Echo international company and Iranian investor of Rafsanjan ferrochrome factory said that today we have the honor of founding the greatest ferrochrome factory of Middle East in Kerman Province that this project was performed with 100 million dollars investment of Hong Kong Top Echo international company. Foreign investment besides development and employment will be followed by increasing the countries international power and creating obstacles ahead of sanctions. Also, projects which are today founded with foreign investment, include foundation of 60,000 ton high carbon ferrochrome factory and electricity substation 230.33 kV with 4200 billion Rial investment, foundation of the second high carbon ferrochrome factory with 2520 billion Rial investment, establishment of 20,000 ton low carbon ferrochrome factory with 2520 billion Rial investment, founding data center with 10,000 units server in the first phase with 2100 milliard Rial investment, development of electricity substation and creating required infrastructures in a land with the area of 500 hectares for establishing China investment town in Iran which is equal to 1260 milliard Rial investment that totally 12600 milliard Rials of the project was founded.



Mr. Ri Shou Ou Chinese chairman of board of directors of Middle East Top Echo international company said that I believe that we will begin a very bright future. It was been 6 years since I came to iran I have had so lovely moments in iran . Our factory since beginning of construction have acquired many experiences,since beginning of construction we have tolerated many difficulties, but with the government support and with the aid of colleagues these difficulties became easy and if there had been no support of you friends, we  would not have had such a factory and I appreciate this.

Iran and China are old brothers and we are like a family. I have a very good feeling that Iran government and people were kind to us and helped us so much. He explained about Rafsanjan ferrochrome factory that main products of our factory is ferrochrome alloy with high quality and carat  which will have 60,000 ton production with 60% carat, now we are known in the world. We estimate that in two years we will have more than 200, 000 ton of production. Our company, besides production of ferrochrome alloy is going to produce stainless steel. Also, we plan for solar energy and digging copper mines in future.       

 Our plant in the Middle East is the greatest ferrochrome plant with a very high quality and high carbon percent and we are the twentieth country in the world and now in Kerman we have many partners who work with us for example Eng. Ranjbar who is very sincere and capable.

He mentioned that: we are ready to establish a great industrial town in Rafsanjan Special Economic Region with the aid of European friends. We believe that with investment in Iran, we will have a brilliant future and we hope everybody will support us.




Country’s officials and authorities in the ferro-Chrome factory:


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 Rafsanjan governors in the ferro-Chrome factory – 2016:



 Industry and Mine day  in Kerman Province – 2016:



Congress of top 100 pragmatic managers of Iran – Khorasan-Razavi Province – 2016:


Festival of top 15 young entrepreneurs in Kerman Province – 2016:



Chrome ore mine owners meeting in Kerman province – 2015:

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